Stories With  A Mission

Primalux is dedicated to telling your story in an authentic, emotional style.

Our goal is to raise awareness, attract new supporters

and inspire the action needed to help you

change the world.



Short Documentaries That Make A Lasting Social Impact

Stories We've told

What We Do

 Bringing decades of experience from the entertainment, sports, fashion,

 and corporate world, our talented team will handle everything needed

 throughout the creative process.  


 The research begins as the concept is fine-tuned and the treatment takes shape. Pre-   interviews are conducted as we identify subjects and scout locations. The story evolves

 into a script and the schedule is set. 


 We find a quiet, available shooting space, where we dress and light the scene Each   interview takes the time needed to evoke the emotional stories that will ultimately inspire   the audience. Additional footage is then strategically shot.



 We select the most powerful pieces for maximum impact. It is edited, refined, color   corrected, and musically scored, complete with theme song. The final video can be

 viewed on any platform while additional segments can be cut for social media.

Documentary Shorts

Entertainment Projects


Survivor Advocate Program

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking 

LA County Department of Public Health

Dignity Health,

Evans Community High School

Children’s Home Society of Florida
University of Central Florida
Orange County Public Schools
Orange Blossom Family Health


Boston Health Care for the Homeless 
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston Medical Center
Pine Street Inn,

St. Francis House
Rosie's Place

College Possible 
College Possible

AmeriCorps VISTA
High schools in Minnesota;

Al Sigl Center Partnership
Mary Cariola Children’s Center
National Multiple Sclerosis Society 
Epilepsy Foundation of Rochester  
Rochester Hearing and Speech Center
Rochester Rehabilitation Center
Medical Motor Service
United Cerebral Palsy Association

Building Homes: Rebuilding Lives

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Prisoner and Family Ministry

Illinois Department of Corrections

Habitat for Humanity International



Freeport West, Inc.
American Red Cross-Minneapolis 
Avenues for Homeless Youth
The Bridge for Runaway Youth
Catholic Charities-Hope Street
Lutheran Social Service

Baltimore City Deconstruction Project

Baltimore City Housing and the Office of Sustainability

U.S. Forest Service

Maryland Dept. of Housing and Community Development

Room & Board


Surgery Weekend Program

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Rady Children’s Hospital
Plastic Surgery Foundation

Volunteer Doctors and Nurses

Operation Rebound

Challenged Athletes Foundation
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Brooke Army Medical Center


Project Success

100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.
Atlanta Public Schools

New Jersey SEEDS Scholars Program

New Jersey  SEEDS
Lawrenceville School

Peddie School


Zone-Based Advocacy

Women’s Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh
Allegheny County – Office of the DA
City of Pittsburgh Police Department

An Achievable Dream

An Achievable Dream Academies

Newport News Public Schools
Business Community of Hampton Roads
City of Newport News
Riverside Health System
Rotary Club of the Virginia Peninsula

Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic

Waikiki Health
Salvation Army Family Treatment Services

Prison Puppy Raising Program

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Lions Clubs International

Fort Dodge Correctional Facility, Iowa

Harlem RBI, DREAM Charter School

Jonathan Rose Companies

Civic Builders

New York City Housing Authority

New York City Department of Education

Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)

City of New York Department of Correction

New York City Board of Education

The Department of Parole and Probation

NY State Dept. of Correctional Services

Bronx and LaGuardia Community College

Apex Trade School

Hope For Veterans

Community Hope, Inc.

Affinity Federal Credit Union

Disabled American Veterans

Charitable Service Trust

DRS Technologies

The New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs

O-Craftsmen Builders

Somerset County Board of Freeholders

Somerset Hills YMCA

The U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs

New Jersey Health Care 


Family Eviction Prevention Collaborative

Catholic Charities CYO
Homeless Prenatal Program
Hamilton Family Center
Compass Community Services

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, Inc.Trinity College 

Primalux has been shooting   

special features and promos 

with some of the biggest

names in the industry.

Our crews have shot

behind-the-scenes on 

hundreds of feature films

andTV shows. We have a

long history of working

with the major movie

studios, television 

networks, cable channels

and streaming services. 

Entertainment and

Corporate Clients


Warner Bros  Universal Studios 

Sony Pictures  Columbia Pictures  Paramount Pictures Dreamworks  Miramax  Imagine Entertainment 

20th Century Fox  Weinstein Co. 

Netflix Amazon Prime  Showtime 

Bravo Network  Access Hollywood  

USA Network  FOX Movie Channel  HBO  ABC  NBC  CBS  PBS 



Germany Tokyo Premiere TV 

Swiss TV  NRK Norway  TV2

Denmark  Extra  Audible Dick

Clark Productions  Apple  Google  Batwin & Robin  Guthy Renker  

Mutual Of America  Hachette Book Group  Publishers Clearing House 

Celebrities We've Worked With

Julia Roberts  Susan Sarandon  Catherine Zeta-Jones  Halle Berry 

Jennifer Lawrence  Nicole Kidman  Jennifer Garner Angelina Jolie 

Jennifer Anniston Laura Linney  EmmaThompson  Dianne Lane  Kim Basinger  Lauren Bacall Julianne Moore  Gwyneth Paltrow  Drew Barrymore  Glenn Close  Michelle Pfeiffer  Frieda Pinto Kirsten Dunst 

Julia Stiles  Cate Blanchett  Charlize Theron  Julie Andrews  Reese Witherspoon  Demi Moore  Dame Judith Dench  Milla Jovovich  Meryl Streep Emily Watson  Sharon Stone  Rene Russo  Meg Ryan  Vanessa Redgrave  Whoopi Goldberg  Mira Sorvino  Uma Thurman  Goldie Hawn  Gloria Esteban  Bette Midler  Chloe Sevigny  Janeane Garofalo  Jada Pinkett Smith  Jennifer Jason Leigh  Marlo Thomas  Rosie Perez 

Jennifer Tilly  Gabourey Sidibe  Kathryn Heigl  Amy Adams  Jeanne Triplehorn  Dakota Fanning  Jennifer Lopez Scarlett Johansson  Naomi Watts  Erica Christiansen  Anne Hathaway  Joan Rivers  Lucy Liu  Kyra Sedgewick  Debra Messing  Edie Falco  Faye Dunaway  Hilary Swank 

Miss Piggy Liv Tyler  Abigail Breslin  Kristen Bell  Jennifer Connelly Isla Fisher  Marisa Tomei  Kate Winslet  Tea Leoni  Blake Lively America Ferrera Natalie Portman  Sarah Jessica Parker  Kim Cattrall  Kristen Davis  Helen Mirren  Cynthia Nixon  Candace Bergen  Jennifer Hudson  Tina Fey  Amy Pohler Susan Lucci  Kristen Wiig  Miranda Cosgrove  Emma Stone  Katie Holmes  Kristin Chenoweth  Virginia Madsen  Noomi Rapace  Kerry Washington  Claire Danes  Maggie Gyllenhaal  Mila Kunis  Viola Davis  Melissa Leo  Amy Schumer Julia Louis-Dreyfus  Amanda Seyfried 

Sophia Vargara  Jessica Chastain  Cher 

Keith Richards  Mick Jagger  Bruce Springsteen  Billy Joel U2  Queen

Paul Simon  Art Garfunkle  Phillip Glass  Andrea Bocelli  Beck  Phish

Bare Naked Ladies  Dave Mathews Band  R.E.M.  Sting    Andre Rieu  Aerosmith  Snoop Dog  Steely Dan  YoYo Ma  Women of the Calabash  KISS  LFO  The Eurythmics  Celine Dion  Christine Aguilera  Melissa Etheridge  David Bowie  Shania Twain  Secret Garden  Buckwheat Zydeco  Bad Company  Sheryl Crow  Charles Aznavour  Mary Chapin  Diana Krall 

The 3 Sopranos  The Cardigans  Eminem  The Corrs  Mariam Makeeba  Ozzie Osborne  Peter Townsend  Richie Havens  Ringo Starr  Paul McCartney  Eric Clapton  N’Sync  Pearl Jam  Elvis Costello  Debra Harry  Jewell  Gwen Stefani  Jonas Brothers  Jon Bon Jovi  Counting Crows  Roger Waters  Harry Belafonte  Questlove  Sean Combs  Pharrel Williams 

Leonardo  DiCaprio  Richard Gere  Robert DeNiro  Al Pacino  Robert Redford  Tom Hanks  Russell Crowe  John Cusack  Tim Robbins  Kevin Bacon  Ed Harris  Ralph Fiennes  Edward Norton  Denzel Washington  Bruce Willis  Joaquin Phoenix  Anthony Hopkins  Ben Kingsley  Robin Williams  Jim Carey  Chris Rock  Samuel L. Jackson  Robert Duvall  Hugh Jackman  James Gandolfini  Richard DreyfusKirk DouglasPierce Brosnan  Alec Baldwin  William Baldwin  Eddie Murphy Hugh Grant James Caan  Ben Stiller  Bill Murray  Gary  SiniseJohn  Leguizamo  Freddie Prinz, Jr.  Steve Martin  Zach Galifianakis  Ted Danson  Jason Scwartzman  Val

Kilmer  Taye Diggs  Ben Affleck  Giovanni Ribisi  Paul Sorvino  Keanu Reeves  Matthew Broderick  Adam Drive Taylor Kitsch Mark Ruffalo 

Jim Parsons  Peter Facinelli  Jim Caviezal  Mike Tyson Idris ElbaCommon Tim Robbins  Justin TimberlakeJerry Seinfeld  Oliver Platt  Liev Schreiber  Beau Bridges  Jeff Bridges Jeffrey Tambor  Vince Vaughn  Bobby Cannavale  Jake Gyllenhaal  Chris Rock  Neal Patrick Harris  Brad Pitt  George Clooney  Bradley Cooper  Tom Cruise  Kevin Kline  Nathan

Lane  Christopher Reeves  Chazz Palminteri  Billy Crystal  Matthew

Modine  Terrence Howard  Henry Winkler  Adam Sandler  Will Farrell  David Duchovney  Sean Connery  Philip Seymour  Hoffman  Tobe  

Maguire  Adriene Brody  Will Smith  William Hurt  Lucas Hass  Paul Giamatti  Elijah Wood  Joe Pesci  Jeff Daniels  Harrison Ford  Josh Hartnett  Patrick Stewart  Kermit the Frog  Dustin Hoffman  Clive

Owen  Chris Noth  Bill Pullman  Hal Holbrook  Sam Rockwell Ricky

Gervais  Greg Kinnear  Nicolas Cage  Steve Buscemi Will Arnet  Mel Gibson  Tracy Morgan  Morgan Freeman  Danny DeVito  Daniel

Day-Lewis  Liam Neeson  Emile Hirsch  Hall Holbrook  Tom Wilkinson 

John Turturro  Frank Langella  Mickey Rourke  Michael Douglas  Ethan Hawke  John Travolta  Peter Berg  Chris Pratt  Jaime Foxx  W. Kamau

Bell  Geoffrey Rush  Ryan Reynolds  Danny McBride  Taylor Lautner 

Harry Connick Jr Cuba Gooding Jr  Channing Tatum  James Franco 

Justin Long  Matt Damon  Frank Langella  Christopher Plummer 

Peter Dinklage  James Spader  Steve Carell  Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

Jonah Hill  Ashton Kutcher  Colin Farrell  




Video With A Social Conscience

If you're looking for a team to produce your video, talk to us.

Jeff Schwartz

Producer and Creative Director

Shooting and directing videos with creative content

and dramatic images has taken me to extraordinary places and exclusive events. I’ve met many prominent individuals and talented everyday people that I have been fortunate to work with.


I love what I do. Every shoot is creative, stimulating, productive and different. As a founding member and creative partner at Primalux, I'm proud of the work we have done. Telling stories through a lens has offered 

me a wealth of wisdom and unparalleled worldview about subjects I never would have dreamed.


Making meaningful videos about nonprofits who

are working together with private and public sector

partners to build better communities, has been

the most rewarding experience for me. I hope the

next one is with you.

If you're ready to take the action needed to increase visibility and amplify your voice, we’d love to talk

about how we can help. 

Contact Us       
212 206 1402

Organizations We've Worked With

 For 25 years, the Mutual of America Foundation has been honoring the outstanding   contributions that nonprofit organizations, in partnership with public, private and

 other social sector organizations, make to society. We are proud to have been

 chosen to produce the documentary videos that showcase the success of

 these award winning partnerships



               Video With A Social Conscience